Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

In this blog post, we are going to explore Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuits. Energy drinks have become a go to source in many of our everyday lives for those who need them. A Celsius energy drink has recently become a famous drink. But that’s not all bright and shining; there’s a lawsuit in the mix. In short, let’s glance at the Celsius Energy Drink dispute in simple terms.

Lawsuit AllegationsFalse advertising, misleading health claims
PlaintiffsConsumers who purchased Celsius Energy Drink
Legal ProceedingsClass-action lawsuit against Celsius Holdings, Inc.
Company’s ResponseCelsius Holdings, Inc. defends claims with scientific research
Current StatusOngoing legal proceedings, no final verdict yet
Impact on ConsumersIncreased awareness and scrutiny of product claims
Potential Industry ImpactCould lead to stricter regulations in the energy drink industry
Product SafetyCompany maintains product safety, consult healthcare professionals for concerns
The Celsius Energy Drink lawsuit is presented briefly in this table with its allegations, legal position and possible consequences.
Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit by Flo Rida

What’s Celsius Energy Drink?

We’ll begin with the basics. Celsius Energy Drink is a popular fitness drink, which claims to boost metabolism and improve physical performance. It is unique from other energy drinks which are marketed as being more healthy because it does not contain additives such as preservatives or flavorings

Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit Details

  • Celsius, a well known manufacturer of energy drinks, has been sued for having misleading labels on its products.
  • The complainant states that the company is making citric acid as a flavoring and does not contain any preservatives. 
  • An agreement has been reached between the Parties for the reimbursement of a sum of $7,8 million to eligible persons who consumed Celsius beverages for domestic or personal purposes during the period from 1 January 2015 to 12 November 2022.
  • The following powdered beverages shall be included in this category: Flo Fusion, Original Celsius, Celsius Heat, BCAA+Energy, Celsius with Stevia and Celsius on the Go.

The Rise of Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius Holdings, Inc. is the company that owns this drink. The product is a hit because of endorsements from celebrities and fitness professionals, making it the preferred choice for those who want to strengthen their exercise routine or maintain an active lifestyle.

The Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit: A Closer Look

On the basis that Celsius Energy Drink’s products and labels were misleading as they included citric acid, Amit Hezi, Joseph Nian, and Daniel Prescod filed a class action. The company replied to the charges by stating that citric acid had been added as a flavoring.

Lawsuit Allegations

The lawsuit against Celsius Energy Drink is all about false advertising. Some have claimed that the company has been lying about the benefits of its drink, particularly when it comes to metabolism and weight loss

A class action lawsuit brought by consumers against Celsius Holdings, Inc., started the fight. They tell us that the advertising has deceived them, and they haven’t gotten what they promised. The action aims at compensating consumers who purchased a drink based on false information which they are being accused of.

Results of the Lawsuit

In his lawsuit against Energy Drink, a judgment of $82 million was awarded to Flo Rida. The Carol City native was awarded over $83 million by a jury in his breach of contract case with the beverage manufacturer.

Celsius Holdings, Inc.’s Side

Celsius Holdings, Inc. will do all it takes to fight back. The claims are supported by scientific evidence that it is completely harmless and effective to drink as an energy booster.

What Does the Lawsuit Mean for Celsius Energy Drink?

 It’s a big case, and the consequences are very important. Let’s take a look at it.

People Are Paying Attention

 One thing’s for sure, that lawsuit is making people think twice. Consumers are looking for more transparency from companies, and they want to make sure that the products they buy are carefully chosen.

Changing How They Market

Celsius Holdings Inc. may need to make some changes in the way they’re talking about their product as a result of this suit. It is common for companies to change their marketing so that they can remain in compliance with the law.

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Wider Impact

 The whole industry of energy drinks could be affected by this lawsuit. This might result in stricter rules for health claims associated with these drinks, which would make it more transparent to label and advertise them.


  • Celsius Holdings, Inc. acknowledged in the settlement that certain of its products were incorrectly labeled with citric acid.
  • The defendant denies the allegations, saying that citric acid was added as a taste enhancer.
  • A cash award shall be paid under the settlement to members of the class who file a valid and timely claim form.
  • Class members may earn 1 dollar ($1.00) on each can of goods, 5 dollars per box of 14 to 20 dollars per household if they are unable to provide a receipt in the event that they have previously bought this product during the class period.
Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit
Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit settlement by Flo Rida

FAQ (Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit)

Is Celsius drink safe now?

 It’s safe, Celsius Energy Drink says. However, when you are using any of the products it is always recommended that you consult a healthcare professional and make an informed choice.

Is there a lawsuit against Celsius?

Yes, Celsius Energy Drink has a lawsuit pending. It claims false representations and misleading statements as to the advantages of drinking it.

Why did Celsius fail?

Celsius Energy Drink has not necessarily failed. In spite of the fact that this product is available on the market, there are factors such as consumer preference and competition that may affect its performance. The lawsuit against Celsius is a separate legal matter and does not necessarily indicate the overall failure of the product.

What’s going on with Celsius lawsuit?

A lawsuit against Celsius Energy Drink has been filed. There are allegations of false advertising and misleading claims in this case. Legal proceedings could be protracted and it is not yet known what the final verdict will be.

Why did Celsius energy drink lose a lawsuit?

No definitive information is available on Celsius Energy Drink losing the lawsuit at this time. It may take time to achieve the results of a legal proceeding, and it may not be completed.

Celsius Energy Drink Lawsuit Watch video for more


The Celsius Energy Drink lawsuit has taught us a valuable lesson about the smart choices that we make as consumers. If we want to make the right decisions about what’s in our bodies, it reminds us to research and trust reliable sources. We must make sure we’re aware of and be careful with the choices we make when purchasing our goods, while this legal battle is pending. With energy drinks, you may be able to get an instant boost, but moderation is key. And, if you are not sure about the effect of these treatments on your health, it’s best to consult a doctor.

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