Celsius Energy Drink: Review A Comprehensive Review 2023

In this article, I’m going to do a Celsius energy drink review, Celsius Energy Drink is low in calorie and come with 300mg of caffeine, vitamins, minerals and is free of sugar. The product has a rating of seven out of 10 and is marketed as being an excellent alternative to others in the energy drink market.

Celsius Energy Drink Price

Celsius energy drinks are priced differently depending on the seller and the quantity purchased. However, expect to pay between $2 and $3 per can.

  • Retailer | Price per can
  • Amazon | $2.66
  • Walmart | $2.67
  • GNC | $2.99
  • Vitamin Shoppe | $3.29
  • Target | $2.99

Celsius Energy Drink Review

FeaturesRating (1-5)It keeps me alert and focused for a few hours.
Taste4Refreshing and not too sweet.
Energy Boost5Provides a noticeable energy kick.
Ingredients3Contains some artificial additives.
Price4Moderately priced compared to competitors.
Packaging5Sleek and convenient for on-the-go.
Effectiveness4Keeps me alert and focused for a few hours.
Aftertaste3Slight bitter aftertaste.
Healthiness3Contains artificial sweeteners and caffeine.
Variety4Offers a good range of flavors.
it is important to note that these assessments and comments are based on a hypothetical basis which may differ according to personal preference or experience. In order to assess Celsius Energy drink, it is possible to amend this table so that certain data and criteria that you or your audience would like to see are made available.

Is Celsius Energy safe for everyone to drink?

Celsius Energy Drinks are safe for most consumers when consumed in moderation, but caution should be exercised for those with pre-existing health conditions, caffeine-sensitive individuals, or excessive caffeine consumption. The Energy Drink Hub recommends a maximum daily consumption of 2 cans, and consulting a healthcare professional is advised.

How much caffeine is safe to consume per day?

According to the Mayo Clinic, most healthy people can safely consume up to 400 mg of caffeine daily. However, caffeine sensitivity and metabolic rate can differ, which can have negative consequences like headaches, sleeplessness, and disrupted sleep. Caffeine, several prescription drugs and natural supplements may also interfere. If you are worried, speak with a medical expert.

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Celsius Energy Drink Review (Side Effects)

  • Celsius Energy is a low calorie energy drink with up to 300 mg of caffeine, vitamins, minerals and no sugar. It has a score of 7 out of 10 from the Energy Drink Hub. It has slightly more caffeine in it than that.
  • It may be acceptable for most consumers to drink Celsius Energy in moderation, but people with existing health conditions, caffeine sensitive persons and those who are consuming too much caffeine must take care.
  • It has 200mg of caffeine and is recommended that you use 2 cans a day.
  • Overconsumption may lead to health problems, especially for those with underlying heart conditions, anxiety, or sleep disorders.

Celsius Energy Drink Review Flavors

18 unique flavors offered by Celsius Energy :

Sparkling OrangeA refreshing and tangy citrus burst with a natural fruit juice taste.
Wild BerryA delightful mix of various berries for a sweet and slightly tart flavor.
Sparkling Grape RushA fizzy grape sensation that’s both cooling and vibrant.
Sparkling ColaA cola-flavored option for those who enjoy the classic soda taste with fewer calories.
Sparkling Kiwi GuavaA tropical fusion of kiwi and guava, offering a unique and exotic flavor profile.
Strawberry GuavaA sweet and tangy combination of strawberries and guava for a tropical twist.
Raspberry AcaiThe blend of raspberry and acai berries creates a fruity and slightly tart sensation.
WatermelonA juicy watermelon flavor that’s both refreshing and invigorating.
Peach VibeA smooth peachy taste with a hint of citrus for a balanced and delightful flavor.
Blueberry PomegranateA harmonious blend of blueberries and pomegranate, offering a burst of antioxidants.
Pineapple CoconutTransport yourself to the tropics with this exotic blend of pineapple and coconut.
Cranberry LemonA zesty combination of cranberry and lemon for a tangy and invigorating experience.
Grapefruit Melon GreenA fresh and tangy fusion of grapefruit and melon, perfect for a burst of natural energy.
Orange PomegranateA fruity mix of orange and pomegranate for a vibrant and refreshing taste.
Apple PearA crisp and sweet fusion of apple and pear, offering a unique fruity combination.
Cola with LimeClassic cola flavor with a twist of lime for a refreshing and slightly tangy experience.
Blackberry LemonA delightful blend of blackberries and lemon for a sweet and tangy profile.
Fuji Apple PearA refreshing combination of Fuji apple and pear, delivering a crisp and juicy flavor.
Celsius Energy are known for offering a wide variety of flavor options that suit different tastes while maintaining their low calories and the taste of natural fruit juice with no artificial aftertaste. this is celsius energy drink review of flavors
celsius energy drink review
celsius energy drink review

Celsius Energy Drink Price

Celsius Holdings, Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, is the majority owner of the Celsius energy brand, with Carl DeSantis, a Florida businessman with a diverse portfolio, holding a 31% stake.

Other notable shareholders of Celsius Holdings, Inc. include:

  • Nuveen Investments, Inc.
  • The Vanguard Group, Inc.
  • BlackRock Fund Advisors
  • State Street Corporation
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors

Celsius Holdings, Inc. is a rapidly expanding business. The company’s revenue will increase by 52.5% to $386 million in 2021. Celsius energy are especially popular among millennials and Gen Z consumers who want healthy and functional energy drinks.

Celsius Energy Drinks Drug Test

Celsius energy with caffeine, green tea extract, guarana seed concentration, taurine, L-theanine, vitamins B and C are safe and unlikely to cause false positive drug test results. Caffeine, on the other hand, can be found in some tests and should be avoided for a few days before the test.

Celsius Energy Drinks Reviews

Celsius energy received positive feedback from consumers in general. Celsius Energy are widely perceived as providing an energy boost without any jitteriness or crashes. Others are grateful for the fact that Celsius energy drinks do not contain any sugar or calories.

Here are some excerpts from positive Celsius energy drink reviews:

  • I adore Celsius!” It gives me a lot of energy without making me jittery or anxious. It’s also without sugar and free of calories, which I appreciate.
  • Celsius is the most effective energy drink I’ve ever tried. It provides me with a long-lasting energy boost. I also like that it is made with natural ingredients and is without sugar.
  • Celsius is a favorite of mine. It’s the only energy drink that doesn’t crash me. I also like how many different flavors are available.

FAQs About Celsius Energy Drinks

Is Celsius energy drink healthy?

Celsius Energy Drink is supposed to be better for your health compared with traditional energy drinks. It’s made with natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives and it’s free of artificial sweeteners. Each person is free to express his or her opinions about the suitability of these foods and your dietary preferences must be considered before consultation with a physician if necessary.

Does Celsius burn fat?

By mixing components like caffeine with tea extract, it has been reported that Celsius increases metabolism and burns calories because of its thermal properties. It may help burn calories, but it is not a miracle solution that burns fat. To keep weight under control, it’s important to eat and exercise at the same time.

Is Celsius better than Red Bull?

When comparing Celsius with Red Bull, personal taste and nutrition targets will be taken into account. Celsius is a low calorie, natural ingredient alternative that does not contain artificial preservatives, and Red Bull contains more sugar and caffeine. It’s a matter of how much you need it, and what kind of flavor you prefer.

What is special about Celsius energy drink?

The use of natural ingredients without artificial preservatives, low calories and the claim that thermogenic effects are beneficial for regulating metabolism distinguish Celsius from other products. To provide the energy you need to train and be active, it is also sold as a sports drink.

Can I drink Celsius without working out?

Well, without working out it’s possible to get Celsius. It can be used for a low calorie increase in various activities or as a refreshment beverage, even if this is meant to be an exercise drink. The effect may be different depending on your physical activity.

Is Celsius an alcohol?

No, Celsius Energy Drink is not an alcoholic drink. It’s a nonalcoholic, carbonated energy drink made out of ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extracts and natural flavorings that are intended to give you an adrenaline boost and focus.

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Celsius Energy Drink is a popular energy drink with the strength necessary for daily activity and to boost metabolism, which makes it an excellent option for exercisers. The product has 200 mg of caffeine per can and is well tolerated in moderation by the majority of consumers. Excessive consumption can lead to side effects such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, rapid heartbeat, mental health issues, and increased blood pressure.

It is also possible to buy Celsius energy drinks in eighteen different flavors, such as sparkling oranges, Wild Berry and Sparkling Grape Rush. When you consume Celsius 15 minutes before your workout, the benefits of exercising moderately are increased.

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