Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Let’s explore why do I shake after drinking energy drinks. Energy drinks are popular these days, and many people look to them for a fast pick-me-up. These drinks claim to give you more energy and keep you awake, which might come in handy for students, athletes, or anybody who works long hours. But there’s a catch: occasionally they give you the shakes, which aren’t enjoyable.
In this post, we’ll explain why you could shake after drinking an energy drink and give you some easy tips on how to avoid it.

Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks

Reason for ShakingExplanation
Caffeine OverloadHigh caffeine in energy drinks causes anxiety and shaking.
Other EnergizersExtra stimulants like taurine can also lead to jitteriness.
Dehydration DramaEnergy drinks dehydrate, making shaking more pronounced.
Sugar RushHigh sugar causes blood sugar spikes and shakes.
Caffeine OverdriveCaffeine triggers adrenaline, making you shake.
Sugar SpikesSugar leads to blood sugar spikes and subsequent shakes.
Taurine MysteryTaurine might not calm everyone, contributing to jitters.
B Vitamin FactorExcess B vitamins can make nerves twitch, causing shaking.
This simplified table gives brief reasons for Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks?

The Reason Behind Why I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks

1. Caffeine Overload

Caffeine is the headliner of these drinks, and it may cause damage to your system. It can cause anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and, yep, shaking.

Energy drinks are powerful because they include caffeine, which is the primary source of shaking. But there’s more to them all; they also include other ingredients that might make you nervous:

Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks
Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks

2. Other Energizers

Many energy drinks contain additional boosters such as taurine and guarana. These are supposed to give you more energy, but they can also make you jittery, especially when combined with coffee.

3. Dehydration Drama

These kinds of drinks can also dehydrate you, which is bad for your body. Dehydration could increase the shaking.

4. Sugar Rush

Some energy drinks are just sugary liquid candy as well. When you drink one of these, your blood sugar spikes and then collapses, leaving you jittery.

The Science Behind the Shakes

Let’s break down what happens to your body when you take an energy drink:

  • Caffeine Goes Crazy: When you consume an energy drink, the caffeine in it increases adrenaline, your body’s “fight or flight” hormone. Adrenaline causes your hands to tremble and your heart to rush.
  • Sugar Spikes: If your energy drink has a lot of sugar, your blood sugar levels will spike and then plummet. This twister will make you dizzy.
  • Mysterious Taurine: Taurine is said to have a relaxing effect, however, it does not work for everyone. The combination of taurine and caffeine might cause twitches.
  • B Vitamin Factor: B vitamins are required for energy, but too much can cause twitching and shaking.

How to Stop the Shakes

Now that you know why you’re shaking, here’s how to stop it:

Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks
Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks

1. DO NOT Overdose

Don’t take in too many energy drinks. Adults should limit themselves to no more than two per day. An average can contain around 135 mg of caffeine.

2. Stay Hydrated

Because these drinks might make you thirsty, drink lots of water as well.

3. Watch Sugar

To avoid sugar induced shakiness, use sugar free or low sugar energy drinks.

4. Know Your Ingredients

Be careful of the ingredients in your energy drink. Some contain additional stimulants, such as taurine and guarana. Before you take a sip, consider what they can do to your system.

FAQs About Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks

How do you stop shaking after energy drinks?

Stay hydrated, have a healthy diet, get some rest, avoid coffee and boosters, and visit a doctor if you have a history of anxiety or mental health disorders to prevent shaking after energy drinks. These steps can aid in the stabilization of blood sugar levels, the reduction of shaking, and the reduction of anxiety and other side effects. Seek medical help if you are experiencing severe shaking or other negative effects.

Is it normal to shake after drinking an energy drink?

Shaking after using energy drinks is unusual, because of caffeine’s stimulant features. Dehydration, taurine and guarana stimulants, sugar, and underlying medical issues are other those who contribute. Stopping energy drinks and visiting a doctor can help pinpoint the source of the shaking and prevent future hazards.

Is it normal to shake after drinking Red Bull?

Because of the high caffeine content, which can produce anxiety, sleeplessness, and other negative effects, shaking is frequent after drinking Red Bull. Shaking can also be caused by factors such as dehydration, sugar, and deeper health problems.

Why do energy drinks make me feel sick and shaky?

Caffeine, taurine, guarana, sugar, dehydration, and underlying medical issues may cause shaking when used in energy drinks. Caffeine, taurine, and guarana have been linked to anxiety, sleeplessness, and trembling.

Sugar can produce blood sugar spikes and drops, which might result in shaking sensations. Shaking can also be caused by dehydration. Individuals suffering from specific medical disorders, such as anxiety or heart disease, may be especially vulnerable to these adverse effects.

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Why Do I Shake After Drinking Energy Drinks


The shakes you experience after drinking an energy drink are caused by a combination of caffeine, sugar, taurine, and B vitamins in your system. While these beverages might provide an instant energy boost, they can also leave you feeling jittery. Keep everything in proportion, pick intelligently, and prioritize your health to enjoy the benefits of energy drinks without the shaking.

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