Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit 2023: What You Need to Know

In this blog post, I am going to guide you about the Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit. Bang Energy Drink is popular for its high caffeine content and its variety of flavors. Bang Energy has faced several lawsuits, including a lawsuit by Monster Energy Company in 2018 for false advertising and trade secret copyrights and another by customer’s allegations of health issues. like heart problems, anxiety and death.

Monster Energy CompanyFalse advertising and trade secrets misappropriationBang Energy Drink was ordered to pay Monster Energy Company $293 million in damages.
ConsumersHealth problems, including heart problems, seizures, and deathOngoing
Bang Energy Drink Lawsuits

Bang Energy Drink Lawsuits: An Introduction

Bang Energy Drink has made news not just for its unique approach to energy drinks, but also for the legal issues it is facing. The following overview aims to shed light on these complex legal conflicts.

Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit
Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit

Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit Breathing Problems

Reports of breathing problems after drinking Bang Energy Drink are anecdotal and lack scientific evidence. Possible explanations include high caffeine content, which can increase heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, and restlessness, and unstudied ingredients like creatine and EAAs, which have limited safety profiles.

Lawsuit 1: Monster Energy Company vs. Bang Energy Drink

Monster Energy Company, another major competitor in the energy drink sector, sued Bang Energy Drink in 2018. Monster claimed false marketing and misuse of trade secrets. A jury awarded Monster an astounding $293 million in damages in a historic ruling in 2022, triggering waves across the energy drink business.

Lawsuit 2: Consumer Lawsuits and Health Allegations

Bang Energy Drink has a history of customer litigation. Several people have filed lawsuits against the corporation, saying that the beverage caused a variety of health concerns, including cardiac troubles, seizures, and even deaths. It is critical to remember that these charges have yet to be proven in a court of law.

Allegations Against Bang Energy Drink

The complaints pointed against Bang Energy Drink are numerous:

a. False Advertising: The firm has been accused of falsely marketing the health advantages of their product, claiming that it may improve cognitive function, increase metabolism, and aid in weight reduction without providing scientific data to back up these claims.

b. Trade Secrets Misappropriation: Monster Energy Company has accused Bang Energy Drink of stealing trade secrets. According to reports, the startup employed former Monster employees and used their skills to create its energy drink.

c. Health Problems: Many customers have filed complaints, alleging that the drink has caused a range of health problems, including heart problems, seizures, and, regrettably, death. It is vital to note that these allegations have yet to be proven in court.

Bang Energy Going out of Business

The decline in sales and competition from larger companies like Monster Energy Company contribute to speculation about Bang Energy Drink’s demise. Despite these challenges, the company’s high caffeine content and diverse flavors make it a popular choice for consumers. Time will tell if Bang Energy Drink will continue to thrive.

Bang Energy Drink Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits against Bang Energy Drink are pending, claiming false advertising, trade secrets misappropriation, and product liability. The outcome is uncertain, but if successful, plaintiffs could receive damages from the company.

Bang Energy Drink’s Defense

Bang Energy Drink strongly denies all charges, claiming that its product is safe and that the cases are ridiculous. The corporation argues that its claims are based on scientific study and has fought hard in the current legal fights.

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The litigation against Bang Energy Drink is far from done, and the results are unknown. These legal challenges have raised concerns about the beverage’s safety and sparked debate over the company’s marketing techniques. The energy drink market may be at a crossroads, forcing companies to maintain transparency and ensure their claims are supported by scientific data.

FAQs about the Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit

Who is the CEO of Bangs?

John DiDonato, with 35 years of food and beverage industry experience, has been appointed interim CEO of Bang Energy, focusing on brand growth, safety, and quality, ensuring high-quality ingredients.

Why did Bang get recalled?

Canada recalled Bang Energy Drink in July 2023 due to caffeine content concerns. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) advised consumers to stop drinking and return cans, stating the recall was a precautionary measure.

Why did the monster sue bang?

Monster Energy sued Bang Energy Drink in 2018 for false advertising and trade secrets misappropriation. The lawsuit alleged Bang falsely advertised its product’s health benefits and stole trade secrets. A jury awarded Monster $293 million in damages, but Bang appealed.

Why is Bang Energy discontinued?

Bang Energy, discontinued in 2022 due to bankruptcy, faces Monster Energy lawsuit, declining sales and competition. Monster plans to relaunch Bang Energy Drink, but details remain unclear.

Why was Bang banned?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) banned Bang Energy Drink in 2023 due to health concerns over its high caffeine, taurine, and guarana content, as well as its synthetic caffeine derivative, NMEA.

Do bangs actually have creatine?

Bang Energy Drinks contains Super Creatine, a patented form of creatine, a natural substance found in muscle cells, aiding in muscle strength, power, and endurance.

Is Super creatine bad for you?

Super creatine is a stable liquid form of creatine, combining creatine with L-leucine. It enhances muscle strength, power, and endurance. While generally safe, it can cause stomach upsets, diarrhea, muscle cramps, headaches, weight gain, and may interact with certain medications, so consult a doctor before use.

Is Monster Energy banned?

Monster Energy is not banned in any country, but calls for one have been made in the United States and the European Union due to concerns about its high caffeine content and potential violation of federal law by the FDA and EFSA.

Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit
Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit


I hope you find all your answers related to the Bang Energy Drink lawsuit, involving Monster Energy Company, could impact the energy drink industry, potentially forcing Bang to change marketing practices and potentially causing other companies to face false advertising and trade secrets misappropriation.

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